All of the Brasses have very good cold workability and hot formability; and are used in many industries such as electronic, automotive, decorative, hardware and general engineering. Brass has many varied applications that range from radiator tubes to weapon cartridges to badges and buttons. Brasses we are able to supply are detailed below:


Copper Alloy Euro Standard ASTM Standard British Standard
CuZn5 CW500L C21000 CZ 125
CuZn10 CW501L C22000 CZ 101
CuZn12.5 - C22600 -
CuZn15 CW502L C23000 CZ 102
CuZn20 CW503L C24000 CZ 103
CuZn28 CW504L - -
CuZn30 CW505L C26000 CZ 106
CuZn33 CW506L C26800 CZ 107
CuZn36 CW507L C27200 CZ 108
CuZn37 CW508L C27200 CZ 108
CuZn40 CW509L C28000 CZ 109