allied copperAllied Copper are stainless steel coil specialists. As well as the common grades of annealed stainless steel, we also stock a wide range of temper rolled stainless steel coil, which is used widely in the spring manufacturing industry.

An iron-carbon alloy with non-corrosive properties and a high resistance to oxidisation, stainless steel is much used in the aerospace sector but also in everyday utensils such as knives and forks, and as part of watches or jewellery. The uses for stainless steel are legion, and Allied Copper Alloys have a long experience in delivering stainless steel coil, sheets and blanks.

BS1449 PT2:1983 EN10088 PT2:1995
301S21 1.4310
304S11 1.4307
304S15 1.4301
304S31 1.4301
316S11 1.4404
409S19 1.4512
430S17 1.4016
420S45 1.4028